Imagine stepping into a world where serene beaches, untouched landscapes, and a rich tapestry of culture and history blend seamlessly together. This is what going walking Menorca offers—an adventure that transcends the ordinary. While the idea of traveling to this majestic island might seem distant at the moment, it’s the perfect time to dream and plan your next escape. Menorca, often overlooked in favor of its more famous neighbors, holds secrets and delights that are best explored on foot. WAW Travel is excited to unveil four compelling reasons why Menorca should be your next walking holiday destination, beckoning you to tread its paths and uncover its hidden gems.

Walking Menorca, what to know about the island

Part of the Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is the second largest island after Mallorca. The uniqueness of Menorca? Being uncontaminated, wild and less known by the tourists. There are no such parties like in Ibiza, not many big hotel chains nor many all-inclusive resorts. Great part of the visitors that come to this island are looking for its peaceful atmosphere all-year round, enhanced by beautiful relaxing beaches and wonderful Mediterranean weather.

In addition, for those who want to experience something more, walking Menorca gives the chance to visit several attractive cultural sites and to practice a wide range of open-air activities, such as strolling through the narrow streets of Mahon, visiting the highest mountain of Menorca, the Monte Toro, where you can find a 17th-century church and a statue of the Virgin Mary with a bull at her feet. On the island, you will find mainly small-scale boutique hotels and cute white houses with the typical entrance gate of Menorca that is the same everywhere. And not unimportantly: the island has been listed in its entirety on UNESCO since 2006, in the category of bios reserve. The island is beautiful, well-kept, natural, authentic, green, untouched and peaceful.


Walking Menorca

Discover Mernorca’s 197 Beaches

Most tourists go walking Menorca for the beautiful beaches and the wonderful weather. Not surprising, since you will find no fewer than 197 beautiful beaches here! Varying from wide sandy beaches with all amenities to small idyllic bays, which sometimes require an hour’s walk. They have one thing in common: the water is crystal clear. The light blue colour contrasts beautifully with the white sand on the beach. The most popular beaches can be found in the south and west of the island. There you will find the beaches of Cala Macarelleta, Cala Mitjana, Cala Pregonda and Cala’n Bosch.


Walking Menorca

Encounter Talaiots while walking Menorca

The island also stands out for its 274 stone monuments that indicate the existence of people on the island in the prehistoric period, they are called Talaiots. In 2019 a well-preserved 3,200-year-old Bronze Age sword was discovered by archaeologists under the leadership of Jaume Deya and Pablo Galera at the Talaiot del Serral de ses Abelles. The island is also rich in flora and fauna with more than 900 flowering plant species, as well as no fewer than 17 dragonfly species and 30 butterflies., so many interesting things to see when walking Menorca!


Walking Menorca

The Cami de Cavalls: A Trail of Beauty and Legacy

Of all the walks in Menorca, the Cami de Cavalls is the most spectacular. This hiking trail in Menorca is 185 km long and runs along the entire coast of the island. In the past, it was used by soldiers on horseback to guard the safety of the island. When you hike the Cami de Cavalls you traverse rocky areas and valleys. Along the way, you will come across ancient watchtowers, lighthouses and trenches, but the most beautiful are the many beaches that are located directly on the footpath. Small and beautiful bays, where you can relax in peace during your walking Menorca.


Walking Menorca


What else to know about walking Menorca?

Do you want to know more about hiking Menorca? Whether you’re drawn to the sun-kissed beaches along the south coast , which can be explored in six distinct stages, or the whimsical and untamed beauty of the northern route, Menorca’s diverse landscapes offer something for every adventurer. But why stop there? At WAW Travel, we believe in crafting a walking holiday that’s as unique as you are. Customize your journey to suit your preferences, whether it’s following a well-trodden path or forging your own.


Walking Menorca

Discover Menorca with WAW Travel

Imagine yourself wandering through Menorca’s breathtaking scenery, where every step brings a new discovery and every turn reveals a story. We’re here to make that dream a reality. With our range of tailored travel solutions, you’re not just going walking in Menorca; you’re embarking on an unforgettable journey that promises to be 100% enjoyable.

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