Camino to Finisterre is ideal if you want to smell the pilgrim’s life. The camino from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre. The end of the world! You will walk about 120 km in 4 stages.

Haven of peace in the Camino to Finisterre

Pilgrims use to finish their Camino  in Santiago de Compostela and that’s a pity because the Camino to Finisterre is truly a gem. This pilgrimage is easy, you will not encounter huge climbs or descents on the way. Nature is also beautiful. Especially green. After all, you are in Galicia. The route is well signposted so you don’t have to be afraid to get lost. Almost all restaurants have seafood on the menu at good prices for pilgrims.

Camino Finisterre

Finally you can see the sea

In the stage to Cee, the sea suddenly appears in front of you. We know from our own experience a moment to remember. Along the way you pass authentic villages, deserted landscapes and landscapes that you say “Oh My God”.

All this together, makes this pilgrim route highly recommended!

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Camino to Finisterre Certificate

Along the Camino to Finisterre you will get stamps in your passport and in Fnisterre or Muxía you can also get a certificate that you get there. Really nice document that you can frame with your Compostela.

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