Hiking Activities in Menorca

Discover the Island with Our Hiking Routes

Menorca Walking is the best way to discover the gem of the Mediterranean Sea. Hiking Cami de Cavalls. The coastal route around the island

Menorca is the second largest island in the Balearic Islands. As soon as you arrive at Menorca, you will realise its uniqueness and tranquility.

Menorca not only lends itself to a sun holiday, but also has centuries of history. Everywhere on the island, remains have been found of buildings that were already there long before our era.

he entire island is a Natural Biosphere Reserve on the UNESCO list, and is full of protected natural parks, cliffs and also has a beautiful mountain peak from which you can view the entire island.


Menorca Walking with WAW.travel

You can walk the Cami de Cavalls, the coastal path that runs all over the island of Menorca. But you can also participate in Mediterranean cooking courses, scuba diving or register for our yoga and walking holiday on the island. Menorca is waiting for you. We also. Let’s go!