“Am I speaking to W.A.W.travel?” inquires the caller on the other end of the line. With a sense of pride, I respond, “Yes, you’ve reached WAW.travel.” The name itself – WAW – resonates with the expression of wonder and awe, a term that one instinctively utters when faced with something extraordinary, beautiful, or delightful.

At WAW.travel, our name embodies the essence of what we strive to offer: experiences that elicit feelings of ‘WOW’, ‘WAW’, and ‘WAUW’. It’s not just a name; it’s an emotion, a reaction to the incredible, the tasteful, the beautiful – everything that makes a journey memorable.


WAW.travel: where does that name come from?

When we started WAW.travel in 2019, WAW stood for Women And Wellbeing, WAW. As our journey progressed, we evolved beyond this initial focus, expanding our horizon to embrace a broader audience. Yet, the essence of WAW – considering the unique perspectives and needs of women – continues to be a guiding principle in designing our trips. Today, WAW.travel caters to both men and women, but retains a keen sensitivity to the nuances that make each journey special. Let us share how this unique approach shapes the experiences we offer.

Experiences that are just… WAW!

For example, we look for unique, small-scale accommodations with attention to style and experience. If you travel with WAW.travel you will not end up in a large resort. It also means that we combine our travels with themes that occupy women more often than men. Think of yoga, meditation and vitality.




It also means paying sincere attention to what we do. Appreciating personal contact and making a difference with small details. In other words: we want to give you a WAW experience. From the moment you first meet us, you become a #WAW.traveller, enjoy your walking holiday, until you return home. That’s what we do it for!



Walking holidays in Spain with WAW.travel!

Today, WAW.travel has transcended the literal meaning of ‘Women And Wellbeing’, evolving to become synonymous with unique walking holidays in Spain. Our commitment is to redefine the walking holiday experience, ensuring each journey with us is memorable and distinctive.

Exploring Iconic and Emerging Routes

WAW.travel: Walking AND Walking holidays you could also make of it. We specialize in the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. You can read here how that happened. After a holiday in Menorca we discovered how great this island is for walking in Menorca. More recently we also saw a beautiful walking route in Lanzarote that will soon be added to our website.

We hope in the future to realize many more unique hikes, pilgrimages, camino’s to Santiago de Compostela and other WAW experiences for you!

We can help you find the perfect solution to your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any curiosity, we will be happy to help you join this life-changing experience! Write an email to hey@waw.travel or follow us on our social profiles for constant news and updates: Instagram Facebook.