The best beaches in Menorca. How to discover them walking while you take some rest in the sun and have a bath in turquoise warm water. Part of the Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is the second largest island after Mallorca. The uniqueness of Menorca? Being uncontaminated, wild and less known by the tourists. There are no such parties like in Ibiza, not many big hotel chains nor many all-inclusive resorts. Great part of the visitors that come to this island are looking for its peaceful atmosphere all-year round, enhanced by beautiful relaxing beaches and wonderful Mediterranean weather. In addition, for those who want to experience something more, Menorca gives the chance to visit several attractive cultural sites and to practice a wide range of open-air activities.

Best Beaches In Menorca

On the island you will find mainly small boutique hotels, cute white houses, and the classic rural fincas with the typical entrance gate of Menorca. And last but not least: the island was declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1993, thanks to the hard work in conservation of a heritage and landscape that continues until nowadays to be of exceptional quality. Breath-taking landscapes, beautiful authenticity, unspoilt nature is what you can experience on this magic island.

Best Beaches In Menorca

Discover 197 stunning beaches in Menorca

Despite being a relatively small island (700 km2 with 216 km of coastline), you will find there 197 stunning beaches! They are really varied and range from wide sandy beaches to small idyllic rocky bays, some of them reachable only on foot. The element that they all have in common is the spectacular crystal-clear water. The light blue contrasting beautifully with the white sand on the beach is an astonishing view, a great subject for your unfiltered pictures. The most popular and wider beaches are located in the south and west parts of the island, like Santo Tomàs, Cala Blanca, Cala en Bosch, Cala Galdana, just to name a few.

Best Beaches In Menorca

Walk along the Cami de Cavalls to discover the best beaches in Menorca

The Cami de Cavalls is an old path of 185 km divided in 20 different stages that runs along the entire coast of Menorca. It was greatly used in the past by soldiers on horses to monitor the safety of the island, for this reason it can still be practiced nowadays. This Camino passes through rocky areas, valleys and gulfs, connecting old watchtowers and lighthouses. The best part is the vast number of stunning beaches that you encounter along the way, perfect places to restore during your Camino.
Cala en Turqueta, Cala Macarelleta, Cala Cavallerìa, Cala en Calderer, Cala Pregonda, Cala Mitjana are just some of the many.

Best Beaches In Menorca

Savoring the Serenity: Menorca’s Coastal Charms

As we wrap up our exploration of Menorca’s best beaches with WAW Travel, it’s clear that this island’s charm lies in its pristine coastline and its ability to offer a slice of paradise away from the bustling crowds. Walking the Cami de Cavalls not only connects you with the island’s natural wonders but also with a sense of tranquility that can only be found in such unspoiled surroundings. Whether you seek solace on the soft sands of Cala Galdana or the seclusion of Cala Pregonda’s rocky embrace, Menorca awaits to enchant you with open skies and turquoise waters. So pack your bags, and let WAW Travel tailor your perfect Menorcan adventure, where every step leads to another beautiful horizon.

Explore Menorca’s Hidden Gems with WAW Travel

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