Pilgrimage paths have captivated the hearts and minds of many throughout history. Perhaps you’ve heard stories or read accounts about them, sparking your interest in embarking on such a journey yourself. But what exactly defines these routes as pilgrim paths? These paths are more than just trails; they are routes imbued with historical, spiritual, and cultural significance, leading travelers towards destinations of great meaning. And what effect can walking these revered paths have on you? Engaging with pilgrim paths is not merely a physical endeavor but an immersive experience that can transform you in ways both tangible and intangible. As you consider stepping onto one of these ancient routes, ponder the profound impact this journey could have on your life, shaping your perspectives and enriching your experiences in ways you may never have imagined.

Pilgrim Path

What are pilgrim paths and how can they change your life?

In short, pilgrimage means; travel to a sacred place. Traditionally, pilgrimage, also known as going on a pilgrimage, has been an age-old custom among pilgrims for religious purposes. Back in the day, when pilgrimage only had religious purposes, pilgrims walked to pray, atone for their sins and ask forgiveness.

Nowadays it is not only religious purposes for which people walk pilgrim paths, but often for a personal, special purpose. This could be rest, grieving, meeting people, getting fit, going on an adventure and so on. Everyone who walks a pilgrimage path walks with their own goal, large or small.

We can help you personalize your pilgrimage by looking together at your goal and which pilgrimage suits you.

Pilgrimage Routes Nowadays 

There is a renewed interest in walking pilgrim paths among both young and old audiences. Tall, short, fat, thin, sporty or perhaps a little less sporty. It is possible for everyone to walk a pilgrimage path. You only walk a pilgrim path for yourself and you can organize it so that you can achieve your own goal. This can be a beautiful walk of one day, one month or perhaps several months to achieve your goal.

You can walk the path path in the Netherlands or you can walk to one of the most popular pilgrimage sites such as Santiago de Compostela. But there are also plenty of options close to home. In the Netherlands, for example, there are already more than six hundred places of pilgrimage.



Discover the benefits of walking the pilgrimage paths

While walking my Camino de Santiago from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela, I was told several times about the three phases you walk through as a pilgrim. First of all, the physical part, your body may not be used to covering quite a few miles on foot every day. The walking area can also differ every day. The first part of the camino can therefore be quite physically challenging. Practicing before you start walking pilgrim paths makes a big difference, but walking for a number of days in a row will not pass you by unnoticed.

Mental part of the camino

Once your body is quite used to walking and you are literally and figuratively grounded in the earth, then comes the mental part of the Camino. This will test your mind. Day after day you get up, put on your walking shoes and walk through wind and weather to your next destination. While walking a pilgrimage path, many thoughts may come to mind. Inspired by the peace and nature around you or perhaps by encounters with fellow pilgrims.

You can take a journey with your mind into the past, be in the here and now or perhaps think a lot about what awaits in the future. Thoughts come and go, and so every thought can be there in its own way. So you are also mentally challenged while walking pilgrim paths.

Spiritual part of the camino

During the last part of walking the camino, your body gets used to the physical challenge, gets used to the mental challenge and then you go one layer deeper. You are even more open to your environment and the people around you, which may give you many (new) insights. Whether you want to make an inner journey or not, walking pilgrim paths certainly does something that triggers your inner self.

After nearly 34 days of this spiritual trek, you achieve a state of inner peace, becoming acutely aware of the enchanting experiences these sacred routes offer. As you approach the end of your journey, aware that the walking is nearing its conclusion, you paradoxically become more attuned to everything occurring around you in these final stages.

I personally experienced a deep sense of zen, fulfillment, self-confidence, and love from unique encounters, coupled with immense pride. You learn to notice both the subtle and significant events that unfold along these hallowed trails. Opening your eyes to this, you’ll be astonished at the amount of magic to be discovered.

They often say along the way “the camino provides” or if there is something you need during the camino, it will come to you clockwise or slightly. Perhaps a bit too spiritual for some, but my tip to all future pilgrims is to be completely open to everything that comes your way while walking. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Is Wandelen Gezond

The meaning of pilgrim paths

Walking pilgrim paths will have a different meaning for everyone. Just as every pilgrim sets out with a different purpose, every pilgrim also comes home with a different experience. What every pilgrim has in common is that everyone follows the same path on the chosen pilgrim path. Everyone is heading in the same direction. Not entirely true, because here and there you can sometimes encounter a pilgrim who walks in the other direction or decides to walk back after arriving in Santiago de Compostela.

More pilgrims every year

The number of pilgrims who travel every year continues to rise. But why do people choose to follow ancient pilgrimage routes? You can read more about it here.

All in all, we cannot say in advance exactly what walking pilgrim paths will do to you. But what we can say is that if you decide to walk a pilgrimage, you are guaranteed to take something home with you. From painful feet, blisters, fatigue, restless nights to special insights, encounters, peace and an extremely proud and satisfied feeling.