Recommendations of books and films about hiking

Do you know that feeling? That you have read a book or watched a movie and you think “YES, I want this too”. You completely place yourself in the main character and wander off into the most beautiful fantasies. After reading or watching, you are left reeling briefly.

We know that feeling all to well. With our shared passion for hiking, we have listed 10 book and film tips on the theme of hiking. Perhaps an inspiration for your next hiking trip, just the push you need to start hiking or just a moment of relaxation and dreaming away. Something for everyone, so enjoy reading and watching!

Reading Book 10 Tips


On of our favourite! You follow the footsteps of Cheryl Strayed who, at the lowest point in her life, decides to walk the Pacific Crest Trail of over 1700 kilometres. The Pacific Crest Trail runs from Mexico, through California and Oregon to Canada. A powerful adventure story about a young woman who embarks on a solo hike and encounters both physical and emotional challenges along the way. A film was also made about this story in 2014. Both the book and the film are fantastic to completely surrender to and wander along in this wonderful story.

Wild Book

2. The Pilgrimage

A pilgrim’s story of Paulo during his Camino in northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. The book is an inspiring mix of adventures, wise lessons, a guide to self-knowledge and spectacular trials. A compelling story with a touch of magic.
Paulo’s visionary blend of mysticism, magical realism and folklore makes this book, according to us, a must-read book.


3. Bueno Camino

A book for those who have always dreamed of walking the camino. Highly recommended if you want to know what the camino entails; physically and emotionally. For those who love culture, the journey, the experiences and stories of other pilgrims. A unique story where father and daughter share not only their deep family ties, but also everything that happens on, around and during the camino. Be seduced by the spirit of the camino and the beautifully written story.

4. The Camino: A journey of the spirit

This is a story that chronicles Shirley MacLaine’s extraordinary and extraordinary journey through her life. A story that begins with a few handwritten letters and ends in Santiago de Compostela via a gruelling journey. The Camino promises readers the journey of a thousand lives.


5. Tracks

This tip and a personal old-time favourite. Tracks is about Robyn Davidson trekking solo through the Australian desert (outback) in the 1970s with four camels and a dog. An extraordinary story about how a young woman cannot find her niche in her current life and decides to pursue her dream. Tracks takes you through Robyn’s brave story from beginning to end. The book is not only about hiking but also about training camels and Australia’s aboriginal history. An educational and adventurous book that has also been made into a documentary film.

Guida Ebook

6. Phil’s Camino (short doc)

A wonderful, true story about Phil. Phil is a man with a free spirit, living with stage 4 cancer and has one big dream; to walk an 800km pilgrimage across Spain with the ultimate goal of reaching Santiago de Compostela. Unable to make the trip, he does the next best thing: he builds a camino in the forest behind his house, starts to walk, and traces his progress on a map. Reaching Santiago de Compostela – without ever leaving his backyard – he is told by doctors to have a clean scan and therefore go on a ‘chemo holiday’. 28 days without chemo in that way to be allowed to walk a route in Spain. The end will amaze you…

7. Film: Walking the Camino; Six ways to Santiago

One camino, six different stories of people aged 3 to 73, all with a backpack, boots and an open mind. Different characters, different journeys of their own, but all have a great sense of adventure. Whatever their motivation, with their hearts and souls they encounter unexpected bumps every time on their way to Santiago de Compostela. A film that won’t leave you unimpressed.

8. Film: The Way

Different emotions play a role in everyone’s life every day. Emotions that come into their own even better on a different path, the pilgrim’s path. or just switched off for a while. That what a camino does to you. In this film, many of these emotions come together. From fear, to sadness, togetherness to friendship. And from doubt to conflict. In the first few minutes of this film, you are immediately touched and can’t stop watching. A film that will make you think and revisit all your emotions.

9. Film: I’ll push you

Friends for life. When Patrick gives the 3 simple words, “I’ll push you” in response to Justin’s question, the tone is set for this lifelong friendship. You get to join him on the 34-day, 800-km journey. Over mountains and hills, through valleys, passing through villages. As if you were walking with them. And despite the main characters each having their own (life) paths, they manage to come together in the end. Just grab the tissues, because the beautiful music only enhances this unique (friendship) feeling.

10. Film: Oh Ye of Little Faith

Highly recommended if only for the fact that the filmmaker, Paul Tobey, is also a pianist and thus provides this film with beautiful music. This makes the images of the Camino Francés even more spectacular. And the interviews with the various pilgrims are also portrayed more powerfully. Perhaps all this will bring you, as a future pilgrim, closer to the feeling that this spiritual journey brings.

Have you followed these 10 tips and already got your hiking spirit? Have you found the strength in these wonderful stories to set out (solo) too? Check out our Camino de Santiago routes or our other destinations and maybe you will follow in the footsteps of the main characters of these adventure stories.