On Facebook I read about the existence of a women’s walking path, the Women’s Walk. The existence of this immediately raised some questions: Is it a walking path meant only for women? Or is it a path for men looking for women?

A new world 

So I started looking and a new world opened up to me. I discovered the existence of  women’s walks in many places in the Netherlands and Belgium, especially a route that leads you through points where women have made a difference. During these routes you will experience how women have left their mark on history for centuries. Usually when we open history books mainly we mainly come across stories about important men: from politicians, artists to bishops. So, what about the women from our past? What role did they play?


Women'S Walk



Where can you find women’s walks?

Of course, the routes are open to be walked by men and women, so that makes no difference. You can find women’s walks in Leeuwarden, Eindhoven, Amersfoort, Dordrecht, Bruges, Brussels and Tienen. During the Women’s Walk in Brussels, for example, you get to know female artists, political women, feminists and women who played an important role in the First World War. You will also take a visit at the only two statues that were build for remarkable women, right in the city center. During the walk in Amersfoort you can get an deep dive from a guide about strong Amersfoort women through the centuries: surgeon women, nuns and medieval customs to witchcraft, the miracle of Mary and women who saved the city from destruction.

Are there also Men’s Walks?

I also searched the internet to see if there are also Men’s walks. No result. They don’t exist. Of course there are groups of men who decide to walk together but there are no specific walking routes along points where men have made the difference. Very probably, it has to do with the fact that the traditional walking tours already visit these places during the standard routes. Maybe, could it also be related to the fact women like to walk more than men?

Women on the Camino Santiago, a growing trend!

If you listen to the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago de Compostela, the answer to that question is: YES! In 2018, more women than men arrived in the pilgrimage city for the first time. And this trend seem to continue in 2019. A total of 347,578 pilgrims arrived in Santiago de Compostela in 2019. Of these, 177,801 were women and 169,777 were men. Despite the fact that women are still wondering if the camino Santiago is safe for a woman alone, the number is increasing. What is the reason for that? Women are generally more spiritual than men. That may explain why more women choose to take this pilgrimage route but the numbers also show that in general more and more women are walking. Walking is an easy way to move. Men often chose for a somewhat challenging way of moving. Women also like to walk together. With friends, neighbor, daughter or mother. This combines the pleasant with the useful.

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Women'S Walk



Back to Facebook, where I discovered the origin of the Women’s Walking Paths. In response to the initial post, a whole discussion broke out. From men who felt discriminated and women who found it derogatory. In my opinion, an opinion based on the title ‘Woman walks’ only, because if I read a little further and discover the purpose and approach of these walks, I see a wonderful initiative to put in the spotlight all those women who played a major role in the past. Something we need to continue in my opinion. With all those women who are making a difference nowadays. Female politicians, business women, female scientists, leaders and activists. Women who create impact on a large scale every day. But there are also numerous smaller examples of female heroes that make an important contribution. Think of teachers, nurses, students, sisters and mothers. Who do you think should be in a Women’s Walk? Let us know at hey@waw.travel.

Women’s walks with WAW.travel

WAW.travel is not selling Women’s Walks, as described above, yet. Of course, it did inspire us, so certainly it is to be continued!

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