The International Women’s Day is held worldwide every year on 8 March. The women’s day still seems to be necessary to draw attention to the disadvantage of women and the violation of their rights. 


Why 8 March?

The International Women’s Day was presented by Clara Zetkin at the Women’s Conference in 1910. In 1909, a women’s day was organized in the US for the first time to commemorate a major strike of workers in the textile industry that took place in New York on March 8, 1908. The general interest in Women’s Day revived in the late sixties. In the Netherlands, women united in Dolle Mina, with the slogan: “the woman decides” and “boss in her own belly.” In 1978, the UN finally set 8 March as the official International Women’s Day. 


Theme 2020: Freedom

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is freedom, because freedom must be self-evident. But is it? Women still ´need´to do a lot of things. We have to be and do everything at once. Mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend, neighbor, colleague. We want to fulfill all these roles perfectly. Others expect this from us, but we especially demand it from ourselves. It is much, sometimes too much. 


Women’s and wellbeing

How do you take care of your own wellbeing? How do you keep yourself in balance under the pressure of contemporary imaging and demands? There are so many women who struggle to find a balance between work and family, who have to re-organize their lives after a divorce, women who are looking for their ‘me’, who find it exciting to travel alone or women who just want to get away from work or home life. Inspired by all these women, we started in 2019, organizing individual- and grouptravels related with wellbeing. This for women who are looking for freedom, peace, giving meaning, (inner) growth, development or a (physical) challenge. And we have already some nice products: 


And there are many more plans for the future. Plans that contribute positively to women’s freedom and wellbeing. Because that’s what we wish for all women. Please let us know how we can contribute to your wellbeing. What kind of products you want us to create. Send your ideas to 


What does freedom mean to you?

For us, freedom means having a choice in how we live our life. That we can decide for what to think, say or do and that we have the power to choose how we react to something. How we think or what we do is our responsibility. What does freedom mean to you? You finally join for a yoga and walking holiday in Menorca? Or work on your vitality with other women? Or ‘just’ travel? We are happy to help you!