These are the 5 signs Camino de Santiago awaits you! They tell you it is time to plan the next Camino trip!  

WAW Travel gives you 5 hints that you should not ignore, travel planning can be easy and fast with us!


Signs Camino De Santiago


1. – You start noticing St. James everywhere

First you encounter a St James Church, then a St James Street, after that a school, a hospital, a golf club… Beginning from your city and so on everywhere you go. You’ve even started getting excited every time you meet someone called Jim! 

Signs Camino De Santiago


2. – Yellow arrows appear from nowhere

Any random yellow arrow takes you back to the Camino. It could be a construction site or a parking lot but you can’t help thinking ‘Maybe if I follow them, they will take me all the way to Santiago…’


3 – Eating scallops will never be the same

Every scallop shell reminds you of the Camino, which means your family and friends have stopped taking you to seafood restaurants – and the fishmonger!


4 – You feel an urgent need to go walking

A short 5km stroll won’t do, you have this urgent feel to walk ‘somewhere’.

Signs Camino De Santiago


5 – ‘When I was on the Camino…’

…is your most repeated line. No matter what the conversation might be about, you’ll always relate it to your Camino trip.

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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, as well as a compulsive need to wish passersby a ‘Buen Camino!’, then we think it is clearly time for you to plan next your Camino with us…  ?‍♀️?? Travel planning has never been as easy as this time!

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