Did you know that walking will make you feel regenerated and at your best? During this difficult time of Covid-19 the benefits of walking are fundamental to cope with quarantine, let’s see how and when to take a stroll! During the pandemic, we’ve learnt some key rules that have to be applied when we are outside our homes, such as social distancing, frequently washing hands, wearing a mask and also try to avoid social contacts as much as possible, leading to cancel events of all kind. Due to Covid-19 travelling is forbidden too, going to the Camino de Santiago is also not recommended. Fortunately, we can go outside for a walk in our neighbourhood and in the nearbys and enjoy all the benefits of walking, so here you are some tips to keep walking despite the restrictions. Let’s see how important are the the benefits of walking!

Why is walking activity considered healthy?

Half an hour of walk every day, no medicine can beat that! It makes your heart stronger and your memory better. Did you know that walking is also very good for your mood? Especially when you walk with someone. Walking is good for everything. Your heart, blood vessels, blood pressure, cholesterol, bones and muscles, weight and memory, all benefits generated from half an hour of exercise. Half an hour every day is enough to benefit from it.

Benefits Of Walking

Some precautions: stay indoors if you don’t feel well!

Walking in times of Covid-19 also means following the guidelines. This means that you do not go outside if you have (also mild) complaints. Think of a cold, sore throat, cough or fever. Also, you have to stay indoors if a housemate has a fever (from 38 ° C) or shortness of breath.

Try a morning walk to start to get some of the benefits of walking!

Walking in times of Covid-19 is done by avoiding busy areas, such as shopping streets and busy parks as much as possible. Find a quiet area to walk in. Also, keep in mind that most hikers will probably be on the road between 10am and 5pm. In times of Covid-19, why not to try a morning walk. You then have the wonderful walking path to yourself.

With how many people are you allowed to walk in times of Covid-19?

With how many people are you allowed to walk in times of Covid-19? We are often asked this question. The most important thing is to keep 1.5 meters away from any person who does not belong to your own household. This applies to walker you pass by, but also to the group you are walking with.

Benefits Of Walking

Experiment with your walking routes!

Do you always walk the same route? Walking in times of Covid-19 may become boring. Even if you are used to walking with others, walking alone can become boring too. Therefore, choose different routes. Experiment. Take a left where you always go right or head or tails at an intersection. Who knows, you might discover beautiful places. But remeber, when the restrictions will ease, we offer a wonderful 4-day walking holiday in which you combine exercise and relaxation in complete safety.

Open all your senses to get the benefits of walking!

Do you not want to take any risks and do you prefer to walk alone in times of Covid-19? We understand that. The advantage: you have plenty of opportunities to take in your surroundings. Therefore pay extra attention to what you see, hear, feel and smell. For example, give yourself an assignment for every walk: try to discover as many different types of birds as possible or photograph as many plants as possible with your smartphone. Or put on some nice music. This is immediately a nice form of distraction in these uncertain times.

Wash your hands when you get back home!

Walking in times of Covid-19. The coronavirus spreads through drops of moisture, such as snot and saliva. So don’t spit on the ground. If you get a runny nose on the way, blow your nose in a tissue and throw it in a waste bin. Cough and sneeze into your elbow. Touch as few objects as possible along the way. If you touch something, do not put your hand in your face afterwards. Wash your hands well when you return home.

Build up slowly!

Movement is good but there is no need to overdo it, you can easily get injuries. Have you just started hiking? Then slowly increase the distance while walking in times of Covid-19 to prevent them. After a long walk, give your body time to recover. In addition to getting enough exercise, also ensure plenty of rest. We also have tips on how to mentally prepare for walking.

Take care of yourself and your walking shoes!

Make sure to stay healthy during times of Covid-19. Eat healthy, including plenty of fruit and vegetables and get enough sleep. So don’t go out on an empty stomach and replenish your energy after a long walk. Also take good care of your walking shoes,because while walking in times of Covid-19, it is important to also pay attention to it. If you want to have some inspiration for the future, you can have a look at our offers to the Northern Spain, to the Camino de Santiago or walk in Menorca the Camí de Cavalls. Write an email to hey@waw.travel or follow us on our social profiles for constant news and updates: Instagram Facebook.