How do you prepare mentally for the Camino de Santiago?

How do you prepare mentally for the

Camino de Santiago?

Walking long distances is not only a physical issue; it is also mental. But how do you prepare for that?

  1.  Plan well the route you want to walk and be honest about what you can and cannot do 🌼
  2.  Choose a pilgrimage route that suits you. Each camino has specific features 🌳
  3.  When you go the first time, use your mind. Let go and go with the flow! 🧘‍♂‍
  4.  If your physical conditions affect this, slow down and make shorter distances. If you don’t reach Santiago de Compostela on your first pilgrimage, you can always come back another time 😁
  5.  Have a clear idea of ​​why you want to walk to Santiago de Compostela. Your changes may change during your hike, but it is important that you keep your goal in mind 👧👩‍ 🚺
  6.  Mentally prepare for the effort that a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela requires. It is not a beach holiday. For example, if you only really want to focus on your goal and walking, you can choose to have everything arranged for you. Comfortable accommodation, transporting your backpack, etc … 🛌🏖❤

Walking the Camino de Santiago is a once in lifetime experience. Beside training your body to walk for several days, weeks or even months, also your mind needs attention. A lot of pilgrims focus only on the fysical part to prepare for the Camino de Santiago. They start to train, alone or together with friends.  And of course, this is also important. But don’t forget your mental preparation if you’re going to a pilgrimage.

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