Holidays in Spain

You may have wondered on some occasion what it would be like to go on holidays in Spain or where to travel alone in Spain

Spain is made up of the peninsula, which in Latin means “almost an island”, and which is the territory of some 500,000 km2 connected to France by the Pyrenees and which also includes Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar.

There are other places to visit in Spain. The Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean in front of the cities of Barcelona and Valencia. The Canary Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off the Sahara of Morocco. The city of Ceuta, located in the north of Morocco in front of Gibraltar and the city of Melilla, also in the North of Morocco, in front of Almería.

The differences are notable between the different territories to go on holidays in Spain. You can perceive them by the language of their people. In Spain we speak Spanish throughout the national territory. Catalan in Catalonia. Basque or Euskera in the Basque Country or Euskadi. Galician in Galicia. In Valencia and the Balearic Islands a dialect of Catalan is spoken and in Asturias a dialect known as Bable.

Spaniards have been a bit lazy with languages ​​in the past, but today it is easy to communicate in English in Spain.

In language, geography, gastronomy, architecture have marked the history of Spain and the Spanish. Today being a Nation of Nations.

Do not be afraid to travel alone in Spain, it is one of the safest countries in the world, even if what you like is walking and you decide to take the Camino de Santiago.

The weather in Spain is also variable, in the north rainfall and cold are more frequent in winter, with several ski resorts where to ski. In the Mediterranean area and Andalusia the climate is warm almost all year round and very hot in summer where you can enjoy holidays in Spain on the beach.

The Spanish character is sociable and friendly, we love to socialize with a glass of wine and some tapas. I like to say that we are good people.

Within Spain we offer you the following destinations where you can do various wellness activities. 

We wish you a WAW holidays in Spain