Hiking Holidays in Spain

You may have wondered what it would be like to go on holiday to Spain. Spain is a peninsula of around 500,000 km2. Connected to France via the Pyrenees and Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar. There are countless beautiful places to holiday in Spain. In the north of Spain, you will find the pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela. If you like an active holiday, check out the Camino de Santiago also called pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Several walking routes of the Camino de Santiago run through Spain.

Discover Spain with our Activities

There are also other places to visit for your holidays in Spain. Consider The Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea. Opposite the cities of Barcelona and Valencia. The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off Morocco’s Sahara Desert. The city of Ceuta, located in northern Morocco off Gibraltar and the city of Melilla, also in northern Morocco, opposite Almería.

In addition, you have several national parks. Picos de Europa National Park is the second most visited National Park in Spain and 14 of its peaks, formed from limestone rocks, are higher than 2,600 m and offer the best views of the landscape from northern Spain. Several hiking routes run through the Picos de Europa National Park. WAW organises a unique 6-day hiking holiday in the Picos de Europa.

Discover the different faces of Spain

During your holidays in Spain, you will discover the differences between the areas. Just in the language spoken by Spaniards. Spanish is spoken in Spain. Catalan in Catalonia. Basque or Euskera in the Basque Country or Euskadi. Galician in Galicia. A Catalan dialect is spoken in Valencia and the Balearic Islands and a dialect in Asturias. Spaniards were a bit lazy with languages in the past, but nowadays it is easy to communicate in English in Spain.

While walking the Camino de Santiago, you will cross different areas. You will clearly notice the differences in Spanish language here. When you walk the Camino Primitivo, also called the original camino, you will walk through the hills of Galicia after Asturias. Here you will notice the difference between the different areas. The Camino Primitivo is a pilgrimage to Santiago with beautiful views to the Picos de Europa.

Safe and Organized Travels

Don’t be afraid to travel alone in Spain. It is one of the safest countries in the world. Even if you love hiking and you decide to walk or cycle the Camino de Santiago. And besides, as a pilgrim, you are never alone. You can always find company on your pilgrimage to Santiago. If you like to be sure of travel company, WAW also organises organised walking tours.

Climate in Spain

The weather in Spain is variable. In the north it can be cold or fall in winter. There are areas in northern Spain where you can ski. In the Mediterranean region and Andalusia, the climate is warm almost all year round and very hot in summer. Here you can enjoy a holiday in Spain on the beach.

All in holiday Spain

WAW organises your all in holiday in Spain without you having to think about anything. With WAW you travel to different destinations in Spain.


Spaniards are sociable and friendly. They love to socialise with a glass of wine and some tapas. You’ll quickly feel at home during your holiday in Spain.

In Spain, we offer you the following destinations where you can undertake various activities. Think yoga, hiking, cycling.

We wish you a WAW holiday in Spain!