Wellerlooi np Maasduinen

Wellerlooi in the heart of National Park Maasduinen

In the heart of the Maasduinen National Park you will find Wellerlooi. Wellerlooi has more than 1,000 inhabitants and is a quiet and authentic village in North Limburg. Wellerlooi has a bar & restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious drink and / or meal. From Wellerlooi you are in 8 minutes by car in Arcen (where you will find many restaurants) and the famous Castle Gardens and the famous ice of Clevers. Nearest supermarket are in Arcen and Bergen.

Enjoy in the NP Maasduinen

Many tourists choose to stay in Arcen or Bergen, you will find peace in Wellerlooi. The village is located in the heart of Maasduinen National Park. And is a perfect base for walking and cycling trips through the beautiful surroundings. You have direct access to various walking and cycling routes. Both in the Maasduinen and Landgoed de Hamert. This estate is 1084 hectares in size and is located between Wellerlooi and Arcen. This area encompasses a wide range of landscape types: the Maas meadows, dry deciduous and coniferous forests, moors, fens, raised bogs and fields. The estate is part of the National Park Maasduinen, Highly recommended are the Kasteeltuinen Arcen. It is one of the most versatile flower and plant parks in Europe. Stimulate your senses, experience the history and discover the more than 15 unique gardens that have been laid out around a historic country estate with a 17th century castle. This year, Kasteeltuinen Arcen was once again voted the ‘Nicest outing in Limburg’ by the Land of the ANWB.

About National Park Maasduinen

In National Park De Maasduinen you will find peace, space, fun, sportsmanship and above all a beautiful rolling landscape to enjoy. The national park and its surroundings are ideal for beautiful walks, varied cycling tours, spectacular mountain bike trails and extensive horse and rider routes. The Maasduinen are the longest river dune belt in the Netherlands and were created by the interplay of water, wind and people.

Walking in the Maasduinen

Both a small block and a brisk walk of many kilometers is possible. You soon find out that you sometimes have to walk a lot to get to the top of a dune. We recommend putting on sturdy walking shoes. All 17 walking routes are marked with colored posts. So no card is needed. The LAW Pieterpad (stripe white / red), the regional path Maas-Niederrhein (stripe yellow / red) and a local walking route network of more than 200 kilometers are also partly located in Maasduinen National Park. Four semi-paved paths have also been laid out for wheelchair users or families with buggies.

Cycling in the Maasduinen

You can use the bicycle junction network to fully enjoy. In the Maasduinen National Park, the North Limburg Cycling Map is available for purchase from local tourist agencies. Do you want to take a trip to Germany? Which can! The routes included in the bicycle junction network connect to the bicycle paths in Germany. Would you prefer mountain biking in the Maasduinen National Park? That’s okay. Even if it is sometimes tough to pedal if you explore the National Park De Maasduinen with the mountain bike. The three different mountain bike routes introduce you to the typical Maasduinen and the accompanying rolling landscape. The routes range from 16 to 28 kilometers.

Wellness in the Maasduinen National Park Want to clear

your head and let yourself be pampered? This package includes a visit to a Spa Wellness . You can relax here to recover from all the hustle and bustle and daily worries. You can park in front of the door, relax in different saunas and various baths. There are various infusions every day and singing bowl sessions are given regularly. Of course there is also a restaurant where you can choose delicious dishes from the menu.