Hiking Mallorca: the island is a gift for all outdoor lovers. With a mild climate and temperatures all year round, beautiful mountain scenery combined with Mediterranean waters, the island is an ideal destination to enjoy land, sea and destination. Hiking Mallorca, we give you the 5 reasons why.

Hiking Mallorca

Hiking Mallorca: 5 reasons


1. Great weather all year round

Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters. The island is characterized by its warm, sunny summers with many hours of sunshine. In July and August the chance of a mostly cloudy day is very small. The chance of precipitation is therefore nil. We cannot guarantee that it will not rain in Mallorca in the middle of summer. June and September are generally also very pleasant, great for hiking Mallorca. Especially in September there is a slightly greater chance that there will be a rain shower once.


2. Something for everyone

The island’s mild Mediterranean climate, varied georography and beautiful landscape make the island an ideal hiking destination. From short routes for those who want to enjoy the landscape, to routes that require experience and a certain amount of physical preparation.

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Hiking Mallorca is also possible in one of the large number of protected natural areas. Several marked routes run through these areas, so that you can discover and enjoy the varied nature of the island while hiking Mallorca. From important wetlands, such as s’Albufera de Mallorca, s’Albufereta and Salobrar de Campos, to mountain spots in the Serra de Tramuntana and on the Llevant peninsula. Cabrera and Dragonera are two natural areas that can only be reached by sea. In addition to parks and reserves, there are public farms and more than 20% of the island area is part of the European ecological network Natura 2000.


3. Wide range of activities all year round

Besides hiking Mallorca, the island has much more to offer. You can go horseback riding to discover the coast or inland of the island, rent a 4×4 instead of  hiking Mallorca or take a trip in a hot air balloon and see a new perspective on the landscapes. Do you not like hiking Mallorca? Then you can still go into the water, for example to dive or snorkel.


4. Unique Coastline

Hiking Mallorca can also be done along the coast. It is very varied: extensive sandy areas, hidden coves and rock walls. The walking routes pass many places of cultural heritage, such as the ancient defensive towers built in the 16th and 17th centuries and the Necropolis of Son Real (7th century BC), a unique structure in the western Mediterranean. Besides enjoying the landscape, you can finish hiking Mallorca with a swim in a beautiful bay or beach with crystal clear water.

Of course, if you choose to plan hiking Mallorca in the summer, keep in mind the high temperatures and go out first thing in the morning, bring water, protect from the sun, and avoid hiking Mallorca during the peak hours most sun exposure.

Hiking Mallorca to the lighthouses is a must. Many of these are located in places of spectacular beauty, such as the Formentor, Cap de ses Salines and many others…

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5. Rich in Heritage

The island is rich in heritage: cases de eigentió (rustic estates), mills, barracks, water reservoirs, springs and shrines, etc. From the landscape point of view, extensive rain-fed crops predominate, although there are also some irrigated areas. Wheat fields, vineyards, almond, olive and carob trees are the most typical crops. In this agricultural landscape, dense oak forests, pine forests and extensive areas of Mediterranean scrub intermingle.

Hiking Mallorca inland. Here you will find lesser-known hiking trails that are generally easier and more suitable for the whole family, but no less attractive for that.

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Hiking Mallorca: GR221

The GR221, also known as the Dry Stone Route, is a long-distance route that runs for the most part along the Serra de Tramuntana. During the route you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains: holm oak forests, pine forests and areas of Mediterranean scrub.

While hiking Mallorca with WAW.travel you walk 5 stages from Deia to Pollensa. In total about 70 kilometers and the stages are about 15 to 20 km per day. There are considerable height differences to bridge. This beautiful Mallorca hiking trail runs right through the Tramuntana Mountains. De Serra de Tramuntana was declared a World Heritage Site in 2011 – Cultural Landscape category.

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Exploring Menorca on foot

Have you ever heard of Menorca? This is Mallorca’s little sister. As a destination for your walking holiday, Menorca in the Mediterranean may not (yet) be so obvious. We give you four good reasons to explore this island on foot.

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