Walking or Biking in Menorca !

The island of Menorca is the perfect place if you need “me-time”. If you want to get away from all the hectic, everyday life, if you are looking for peace or want to “disconnect”. The nature on the island invites for silence and reflection. But also to a (physical) challenge. Are you ready for a walking or biking holiday in Menorca?

Menorca is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea and if forms together with Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera the Balearic Islands. Menorca is the second largest island in the Balearic Islands. As soon as I arrive at Menorca, I immediately realize the uniqueness and tranquility. Because the majority of tourists go to the neighboring islands, it is relatively quiet in Menorca. Menorca is perhaps the island in the Mediterranean Sea where nature is most wild. Something that is also proven with the election of World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1993. And the island has no less than 700 square kilometers of nature where all kinds of Mediterranean flora and fauna live.

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The silence

I like to run. And on a beautiful Sunday morning during a stay in Menorca, I decided to put on my running shoes. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. Menorca is a fairly rocky island, with a quit hilly landscape and many beautiful beaches. I decide to set course to Macarelleta, a tiny beach with clear blue water and surrounded by cliffs. Because the nature in Menorca is also rough, with ravines, caves and a rocky coastline. And between the rocky and steep cliffs there are many beautiful hidden spots, like this beach.

No connection

I am 10 minutes on the road and the connection to Spotify is lost. Shit, is my first reaction. At the same time, I realize that this is also one of the island’s charms. The connection is not good in many places. Sometimes annoying, but often also nice if you really want to ‘disconnect’ and get away from the hectic life of your home, where your phone and Netflix are always there. I run in silence. I hardly meet anyone and I enjoy the smell of the flowers, the view of the nature,\, the sound of the cows and sheep. All my senses are stimulated.

Walking and biking safe on Menorca

The small roads in Menorca are ideal for a walk or bike ride. There is little traffic and sometimes there are separate paths for cyclists. This is also a difference, for example, with Mallorca, where cyclists simply bike on the road. Cycling in Menorca is a lot safer! Menorca is ideal for a biking holiday!

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Walking or biking holiday in Menorca

To get to Macarelleta beach I have to go into the forest from the road. You often see that, especially on the south of the island of Menorca. Cars must also park here and walk further to the beach. That means no traffic on and around the beaches of Menorca. If you really want to enjoy with a book, this is possible without too much ambient noise. So you will really find peace on the island of Menorca! I follow the path through a beautiful forest, down, for about 1.5 kilometers. Until the idyllic beach looms up in front of me. Few others are there. Delicious! I take off my running shoes and get ready for a swim.

Looking for a walking or biking holiday in Menorca?

The nature in Menorca is perfect for walking or bike rides, along green areas, quiet fishing villages and defense towers from the English era. For example, for hikers there is the Camí de Cavalls, a camino around the island of Menorca, an old path of 185 km long. In the past, the path was used by knights to guard the safety of the island. Now it is a beautiful walking route of 20 official stages. It is perfectly signposted and follows the entire coast of the island of Menorca. You will discover authentic fishing villages, the most beautiful deserted beaches and all in ultimate peace. During this walking holiday you will walk in 6 days, along the south coast of the island, from Ciutadella to Mao, the capital of Menorca. In total about a distance of 100 km. That may not seem that far a day, but make no mistake. You walk in a hilly environment. And an additional advantage: if you come across a lovely beach on the way, you will have plenty of time to relax. More information you can find here.

Yoga and walking holiday in Menorca

As said before. The island of Menorca is the perfect place if you are in need of “me-time”. If you want to get away from all the hectic, everyday life, are looking for peace or want to “disconnect”. And that is also possible during our 8-day Walking and Yoga Holiday from September 27 to October 4, 2020 in Menorca. You will enjoy beautiful walking routes, delicious and local food, peace and nature. And during this 8-day Walking and Yoga Holiday in Menorca there is yoga and meditation every day. Would you like to come? You are more than welcome. Read more about it here.


Would you rather discover the beautiful island of Menorca in a different way? Around the island you can ideally dive and snorkel. Or are you looking for a cycling holiday in Menorca? Contact us for the possibilities. We are happy to assist you.