Activities in the Netherlands


Although Holland is most often used as an indication for the Netherlands, ‘Holland’ only covers part of the Netherlands. When we talk about Holland in the Netherlands, we mean the provinces of North Holland and South Holland. However, the Netherlands consists of ten other provinces. More than 17 million people live in these provinces. The Netherlands is located in northwestern Europe. The Netherlands borders Germany in the East and Belgium in the South. The west and north lies along the Dutch coast and borders the North Sea here. The currency is the Euro. The Dutch Flag is also known as the national tricolor. The flag consists of 3 horizontal planes in red, white and blue.

Food & drinks in the Netherlands

Traditional Dutch cuisine was mainly influenced by the agricultural life in earlier times. The main meal is eaten in the Netherlands in the evening and a typical Dutch meal consists of a combination of potatoes, vegetables and meat. The Dutch are real coffee lovers. When you visit people during the day, it is often called ‘having a coffee’. Preferably by appointment, because the average Dutch person is mentally difficult to deal with spontaneous visits. If you visit Dutch people during the day, the first question after the greeting is’ Coffee? With milk and sugar?’. Coffee comes with a cookie. Literally: one cookie. The cookie jar is brought in and held in front of you once. After you’ve made your choice, the cookie jar often disappears back to the counter or cupboard.

Top 10 facts about the Netherlands The

  1. Netherlands is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  2. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam.
  3. Orange is the color of the Dutch royal family.
  4. The more than 17 million Dutch people speak Dutch.
  5. On Texel More sheep than people live.
  6. Almost one third of the Netherlands is below sea ​​level.
  7. The lowest point in the Netherlands is Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel (-6.76 meters NAP).
  8. The highest point in the Netherlands is the Vaalserberg (323 meters) with the Drielandenpunt.
  9. There are approximately 35,000 kilometers of cycle paths in the Netherlands.
  10. The greatest museum density can be found in Leiden. No less than 13 museums within walking distance of each other.

The Netherlands is beautiful to visit all year round. Each season brings its own atmosphere and charm. In the spring , the flower fields bloom beautifully and a visit to Keukenhof is a must! In the summer you can enjoy the sun and the sea on one of the beautiful beaches along the Dutch coast. Autumn is a time on the bike to explore the beautiful scenery and natural wildlife to eat at one of the excellent restaurants found in the Netherlands. Winter in the Netherlands is really ‘cozy’. Go Christmas shopping at one of the Christmas markets or tie the irons for a ride on the skate.