About taste is not to argue. No doubt about that. But about the island of Menorca, we still often get the question: which is the most beautiful part to walk on the island of Menorca? North or South? In this blog, we explain the main differences between North Minorca and South Minorca. What do both parts of the Spanish island of Menorca have to offer? And which part suits you best? Of course, for those who really can’t choose after that, we have an alternative. No worries.

Cami De Cavalls North And South Coastal Route Menorca

About the island Menorca

First of all, it is good to know a few things about the island of Menorca. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this island has a total of 216 km of coastline. It is about 47 km long and has a width of 10 to 19 km. Along with Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera, Menorca belongs to the Balearic Islands group. It lies east of mainland Spain. Its name comes from the Latin, insula minor, meaning “smaller island”, because it is smaller, compared to the nearby island of Mallorca.

Menorca has fortunately not yet been discovered by hordes of tourists. This is what makes the island so special. On the island, you still find very few big resorts and no party-poopers, like you sometimes find on parts of the island of Ibiza. No, those who come to the island of Menorca are looking for peace and quiet, beautiful beaches and great weather.

On the island of Menorca, you will find mostly small-scale boutique hotels and cute white houses with Menorca’s typical entrance gate that is the same everywhere. Last but not least, the island has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its entirety since 2006. The island is beautiful, clean, natural, authentic, green, untouched and peaceful.

Hiking on the island Menorca 

The Cami de Cavalls is an ancient 185-km path that runs along the entire coast of the island of Menorca. It used to be used by soldiers on horseback to keep an eye on the safety of the island. This footpath traverses gullies, rocky areas and valleys. And it connects old watchtowers, lighthouses and trenches. But the most beautiful thing is the vast number of beaches you will encounter along the way. Small coves where you can recover from your walk in peace and quiet. You can choose between the northern route or the southern route. You will then walk 6 stages of the Cami de Cavalls.

Of course, you can also explore the whole island on foot. For that, you will obviously need more walking days. Suppose you have to choose? What would you choose? The northern route or the southern route?

Cami De Cavalls North And South Menorca

About the north and south coast 

One of the special features of the island of Menorca is the division of its beaches into two parts. On one side we have the northern part, with mountainous reliefs and dark rocks. The southern part, on the other hand, has a more regular landscape with more vegetation and lighter sand and rocks. In general, beaches in the south have softer and lighter sand than in the north, and the water is clearer.

Another difference between north and south are the buildings and the presence of tourism. The south of the island of Menorca tends to have more facilities and more tourists. This is because the beaches are more accessible and popular. The beaches in the north have fewer people and therefore fewer facilities. In the north, you will find a beautiful virgin coast, but it is more difficult to reach the beaches.

Cami De Cavalls Menorca

What it is that makes the south of Menorca so beautiful?

The south coast of the island of Menorca is the most popular part of the island. Also among hikers, as most choose to hike on this part of the island. In the south, you will find white beaches with turquoise and crystal-clear waters. Truly a paradise on earth! You imagine yourself in an idyllic Caribbean. Limestone cliffs, dunes and Mediterranean forests surround this area. A real feast for the eyes. The most popular and beautiful beaches are Cala Macarelleta, Cala Mitjana, Cala Pregonda and Cala’n Bosch are highly recommended.

The nice thing is that there are so many different types of beaches that there is something for everyone. You will come across beautiful wide sandy beaches equipped with all conveniences but also small idyllic coves that sometimes take an hour to walk to. So during your walk on the island of Menorca in the south, you can easily take a swim in the water or have a rest on the beach with a book. You will also come across beach bars along the way for a nice cup of coffee or lunch.

What it is that makes the north of Menorca so beautiful?

The north of the island of Minorca has a hypnotic, wild beauty. This part of the island of Menorca has a unique geology. Rock formations of shale and red clay form a unique play of colours with the blue-green sea in the background. Its geology of more than 400 million years makes it a unique area. Whimsical and desolate.

But why has it long been ‘second best’ with visitors? Well, simply because of the fact that the landscape is not idealised. Moreover, it has inspired many poets and artists when creating their works. So if you go hiking on the northern route, you will encounter fewer amenities along the way. Also, fewer hikers. The temperature may also be a bit lower in the north of the island. In addition, you may be more affected by the wind. Are you looking for peace and quiet? Then this is the ideal route for you.

Cami De Cavalls North And South

Some more tips about the island Menorca

Whichever part of the island you choose, Menorca is a great destination for your walking holiday anyway. For example, did you know that the island of Menorca is also famous for its 274 stone monuments? They are called Talaiots. Locally, it mainly produces wine and Mahón cheese. Furthermore, the island also has a rich and varied flora with more than 900 species of flowering plants growing here and as many as 17 species of dragonflies and 30 species of butterflies have been recorded on the island. If you want to explore the island of Menorca while walking, these tips might also be of interest to you.