After a journey of many miles, the spires of Santiago de Compostela’s grand cathedral greet you, signaling the end of a profound pilgrimage. Walking or cycling the Camino has been a meditative blend of challenge and beauty, with every step drawing you nearer to this culminating moment. As the city unfolds before you, rich with history and brimming with spiritual significance, take the time to immerse yourself in the cultural treasures that Santiago offers beyond the well-trodden pilgrim’s path.

10 Must-See Attractions in Santiago de Compostela

There you stand. Finally, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela looms before you. For weeks, you have walked or cycled the Camino, enduring and enjoying in equal measure. Each step brought you closer to this moment. From Monte do Gozo, you caught a glimpse of its towers, but it’s only from the square that you can fully admire the cathedral in all its glory.

Now that you’ve reached your destination, you’ll want to take the time to thoroughly enjoy it. Make sure not to miss these 10 must-see attractions!

Pelgrimspad Santiago De Compostela

Rituals for Every Pilgrim in Santiago

For the vast majority of pilgrims, Santiago de Compostela marks the end of their Camino. Entering the cathedral, embracing the apostle, attending the Pilgrim’s Mass, and collecting the Compostela are just some of the rituals every pilgrim arriving at Plaza del Obradoiro is encouraged to partake in.

But there is much more to discover in Santiago. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the most significant attractions to ensure you conclude your Camino de Santiago in the best way possible.

1. Cathedral of Santiago

It goes without saying: the Cathedral of Santiago is an absolute must-see. Enter through one of the side entrances (like Plaza de Platerías), visit and embrace the apostle, and see the tomb. The Pilgrim’s Mass is held at 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 12:00 PM, and 7:30 PM. Arrive early to secure a seat. The rooftop visit offers breathtaking views, but remember to purchase tickets in advance.

Santiago De Compostela

2. Plaza del Obradoiro

Wander around the cathedral to places like Plaza del Obradoiro, where all pilgrims gathering in Santiago converge. Nearby, you’ll find the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos and Pazo de Raxoi. Don’t miss the fountain of horses in Platerías and the grand seminary in Azabachería. Tired from walking? Rest in Quintana as Torre de la Berenguela marks the quarters and hours.

3. Mercado de Abastos

When in Santiago, a visit to Mercado de Abastos is a must. Here, you’ll find the best of Galician cuisine: fish, shellfish, vegetables, octopus. Everything sold in this market is of top quality.

4. Park Alameda

Stroll through Park Alameda. Take a photo with the “Dos Marías” and enjoy the stunning views from the “Eucalyptus of Love.”

Santiago De Compostela

5. Wine and Tapas

Enjoy a glass of wine… or two, accompanied by the finest tapas. Throughout the city, you’ll find bars and restaurants to toast your arrival in Santiago, particularly along Rúa do Franco, Rúa da Raíña, and nearby areas.

6. University Building

Visit the main university building with its beautiful cloister. If you love libraries, don’t miss the one at the Faculty of History. And for a unique view of the cathedral, sign up for the guided tours offered here.

Santiago De Compostela

7. Get Lost in Narrow Streets

Lose yourself in the old city to discover the life of the streets: Rúa Nova with its theaters, the arcades of Rúa do Vilar, and Preguntoiro.

8. Church of San Martín Pinario

Explore the Church of San Martín Pinario with its beautiful staircase, gargoyle, and magnificent façade. In this area, you’ll also find charming bars with lovely terraces and gardens, especially recommended on sunny days.

9. Walk around Porta do Camiño

Take a stroll around Porta do Camiño: enjoy Bonaval Park, visit the Museo do Pobo Galego or the Contemporary Art Museum (CGAC), and if you have time, head to the City of Culture on Mount Gaiás.

10. Pilgrim’s Museum

Did you know there is a Pilgrim’s Museum in Santiago? The Museo de las Peregrinaciones, located in Casa Gótica, offers a deeper understanding of the history of the pilgrimage through various artifacts and exhibitions.

Savoring Santiago: Beyond the Pilgrim’s Path

Your pilgrimage through the Camino de Santiago may have reached its conclusion, but Santiago de Compostela continues to unfold its treasures for the intrepid explorer. The city’s enchanting alleyways whisper stories of the past, while majestic plazas and verdant parks offer peaceful havens for introspection. Here, you’re invited to linger, to explore, and to reflect on the transformative journey you’ve embarked upon.

Legacy and Tranquility: A Pilgrim’s Respite

In the quietude of Santiago’s sacred spaces, the essence of the pilgrimage resonates deeply. Surrounded by the spiritual legacy of pilgrims who have walked this path for centuries, one finds a profound connection to a shared heritage. Each landmark visited and every local delicacy savored adds to a tapestry of experiences that transcend the physical journey, imbuing your Camino with an indelible spiritual grace.