Camino Portugués

The Camino Portugués – or Caminho Português in Portuguese – starts in Portugal. Most pilgrims take their first steps in Porto. Some others start in Lisbon. They have one thing in common: they all walk or cycle to Santiago de Compostela. From Porto you have a number of options. You can choose among the central route, the coastal route or the spiritual. The central pilgrimage route is the most frequently walked. This is the traditionally oldest pilgrimage route in Portugal.

The best of 2 worlds

The Portuguese route is now popular with many pilgrims. It is the second most popular pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago after the Camino Francés. And that’s not for nothing! During this camino you will experience the best of both worlds: Portugal and Spain. You will experience the unique characters of both countries like no other. In both you will find delicious local cuisine, good facilities along the way and an excellent signposted route. Try the famous Pastel de Nata in Portugal and the ‘pulpo’ in Spain.

Back in time

What also appeals in the camino Portugués is that you imagine yourself back in the Middle Ages. You walk on old bridges and roads built by the Romans, pass countless crosses and old granaries and find peace in the many chapels that can be found along the pilgrim route.

Delicious food

At the town of Tui, the camino Portugués arrives in Galicia, Spain, via an imposing bridge. After this, the path continues to Padrón, a meaningful place within the Saint Jacob tradition. The remains of the apostle are said to have arrived here by ship from the Holy Land. The city is also the namesake of the pimientos de Padrón, tasty and sometimes spicy peppers. After that it is only one stage to Santiago, the final destination of the camino Portugués.

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