Are you planning to do a Camino Walk in Spain? These 10 things I wish someone told me before my Camino Walk in Spain.

1. Don’t doubt. Ask for someone’s contact details!

When I remember the pilgrims I met on the Camino Walk in Spain my memories come back to the moment we shared walking along France and Spain. I often wonder what became of a lot of them. There were many times on my Camino Walk in Spain I promised to meet someone at the next café or just assumed I would see them the next day, but never saw them again. So ask for contact details as soon as possible and you will have friends for life!


2. You won’t need a sleeping bag on your Camino Walk in Spain

On my Camino Walk in Spain  I took a sleeping bag but at the end I regretted it. Albergues have sheets and blankets on the beds. A sleeping bag liner is more useful than a sleeping bag. They can be found at any camping store and will keep you just as warm as a sleeping bag. They usually roll up into the size of a small water bottle.

If you want to travel light, let somebody organise your Camino Walk in Spain for you. You will sleep in your own room, with own bathroom and toilet. You just only need to enjoy the Camino.

3. Put a small bag in your pack at the Camino Walk in Spain

When you finish the stage of the day and you decide to explore the city along your Camino Walk in Spain, you will not want to carry the bulky pack you wore all day during your. Bringing a small bag will come in handy when you venture into town You can keep your valuables with you.

4. Always have cash

Many of the cafés and albergues in small villages will only accept cash. Be sure to always have a supply of cash on you and plan ahead to know which towns will have ATM machines. Keep in mind that you will get a lot of coins that will add weight to your pack.

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5. Have a look to your guidebook or App every morning 

The Camino Walk is Spain is usually well signed but sometimes you can get confused where to go. Looking over your guidebook  or APP every morning and getting familiar with confusing sections can help to reduce the number of times you make wrong turns. It is easy to be led by following the yellow arrows, but any knowledge of the Camino de Santiago route is important.

6. No need to carry carry full meals

During your Camino Walk in Spain you will pass through a lot of villages and places to buy food. There is absolutely no reason to carry meals with you. Some snacks, fruit and water is enough to keep in your pack during your Camino Walk in Spain.

7. Don’t lean your backpack against your bed at night

Bed bugs have always been a well known problem on the Camino Walk in Spain and many pilgrims will find itchy welts on their body at some point. One of the best ways to keep your clothes from becoming infested with bed bugs is to avoid leaning your pack against your bed at night. Not only will this help you avoid an infestation, it will help prevent you from spreading bugs if they are already in your things.

8. Less is more

Avoid bringing items you are unsure you will need during your Camino Walk in Spain. Anything you end up needing on the Camino de Santiago route can be found in most towns. There is no need to have extra weight in your pack for something you might not need during your Camino Walk in Spain.

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9. Keep all your items in plastic bags

Pack covers and waterproof gear are great to have, but nothing is completely waterproof. Walking for hours through a Galician downpour will eventually get water where you don’t want it. Keeping your electronics, clothes, and important gear in plastic bags adds an extra layer of protection against the rain.

10. One soap for everything is enough

Most people who walk the Camino Walk in Spain end up bring more toiletries than necessary. There is no reason to bring separate soap for shampooing your hair, washing your body, and shaving. One bar of soap will serve all these purposes.

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